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Fire in The North Sky -CD. Liedes Anna-Kaisa. 2016

Category Music
Subcategory Other
Liedes Anna-Kaisa 
Unit SibA/Kansanmusiikin aineryhmä 
Title Fire in The North Sky -CD 
Start date 03.10.2016 
Place Britannia/Suomi 
City Derbyshire/Helsinki 
Country British Indian Ocean Territory
Production Adverse Camber, 
Additional information Fire in the North Sky: Epic Tales from Finland (Saatuja Sanoja).

The version recorded on CD aims to complement the live show, capturing the improvisational qualities of the source material and also rewarding repeated listening. It includes characters, songs and episodes performed on the 2015 tour, such as the Firespell (Tulen synty in Finnish), the story of Väinämöinen searching for the sleeping singer Antero Vipunen, the Bride of Gold and Silver and, memorably, the making of the Sampo. Plus there are new snippets and improvised sections, from a beautiful runolaulu of the beginning of the world, sung by Anna-Kaisa to the evocative story of Aino’s transformation into a fish.

Full Track Information
01 The Making of the World / Maailman synty 04:51
02 Fire Spell / Tulen synty 06:22
03 Antero Vipunen 13:48
04 Otranen 02:25
05 Sampo 13:01
06 Bride of Gold and Silver / Kultaneito 11:34
07 Otso 01:49
08 Aino 09:04
09 Ehio 02:55

Concept, composition
and arrangements
Nick Hennessey, Kristiina Ilmonen,
Anna-Kaisa Liedes, Timo Väänänen

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