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The deadline for reports 2017 is 9th of February 2018.


Publication data collection instructions for researchers 2016
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Update to the instructions

The Ministry of Education and Culture requires that either an ISBN or an ISSN identifier is given for all scientific publications (categories A-C) of the year 2017. The ministry also requires that the publisher’s name is given for research book articles (A3 and B2) and monographs (C1 and C2).

The University of the Arts Helsinki`s library will check the publication data and correct and supplement them if needed. After the library has verified the details, the data, along with the references, will be locked and sent over to the Ministry of Education and Culture. The author of the publication won´t be able to change the data afterwards. If you need to change the data later on, please contact the main user by e-mailing


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Updated : 15.11.2018
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